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August 2008 BCS Newsletter chat

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Topic: August 2008 BCS Newsletter chat
Posted By: Wim Snoeijer
Subject: August 2008 BCS Newsletter chat
Date Posted: 14 Aug 2008 at 11:16am

August 2008 BCS Newsletter chat

I am always eager to read about the news in the BCS Newsletters. When I do have post I always recognize BCS mail as it seems the Royal Mail never stamps the post stamps. But this makes a stamp collector very hapy. I must say, 3 GB Pound and 5 p on the envelope is quite a lot of money. The total weight of the Newsletter, the 3 seperate papers and the envelope is about 65 grams. To send mail from Holland abroad but within the EU of the same weight costs 2,25 Euro which is about 1,70 GB Pound. And I always thought the Dutch Mail was expensive.

The RHS Flower Show at Wisley as refered to on page 3 sounds very interesting. Wisley is always fantastic to visit, even when you do not have money to spend in the shop or garden centre. The restaurant is another matter. In the past (I am getting old) the restaurant was quite popular and rather well known by Dutch gardeners and plant lovers. To visit Wisley was something to look forward to and a coffee at the restaurant with a homemade cake an extra joy to spoil yourself. Today however I do not have coffee at the restaurant anymore but when I do and stand in line I can not avoid to think about Macdonald or something. And when you finaly are able to pay for your coffee it is cold already.

The display as shown on page 5 of the Harrogate Spring Flower Show looks great. However not readible from the picture of course, the layout looks very interesting and the person that made it spend a lot of time and attention. I like these kinds of display however I wonder if visitors at shows take the time to read all the information. The BCS Sales Table is unavoidable as shown on page 6, there is always something you want to buy. Lucky for us, as clematarians, that we do not collect things with roses or honeysuckle.

The photograph of the Chelsea Flower Show display of Thorncroft on page 7 makes me feel sorry that I did not visit the show. What a display, even from a small photograph it looks absolutely fantastic.

Reading about more shows on page 9 I wish I could help the BCS on shows also and join "the crew" for a couple of days. It is fantastic all those BCS members spend their time for the Society and bring all the Medals and Awards in. No doubt a great reward for all that help out. I also like the display on the same page. It is quite to opposite of the Thorncroft display at Chelsea. From the photograph I do get a Victorian cottage feeling with all those Clematis flowers begging to be seen from nearby. Unfortunately, this is impossible because of the fence. It is like putting a hungry child in a candy shop and forbid to pick something.

The reports on garden visits are always nice to read and do gives the feeling you have missed even more than only the shows. Even when it rains like the photograph on page 15 members go out to look at flowers and plants. With bad weather I rather stay inside with a coffee (I like drinking coffee) and chat about all kinds of clematis matters, like nomenclature as ‘Lady Bird Johnson’ versus ‘Ladybird Johnson’.

On the website from work I try to keep up to date with the list of "world wide clematis events". The Bicester Clematis Workshop by Mike Brown as described on page 14 sounds interesting enough to join. I cannot join, I finally have a good excuse, as in Boskoop we have our stand at the tradeshow Plantarium. But I wanted to include the Workshop on our events list but there is no reference on the BCS website nor can I find any information on the Wyevale Garden Centre website. And I want a reference website for our event list.

The Japan trip as shown on page 16 is one I regret I was not able to join. The trip was organized by the International Clematis Society (a good report on their website and hosted by the Sugimoto Family. The picture along of that trellis full with clematis flowers is fantastic. I hope and no doubt the Int Clem Soc will organize another trip to Japan within 10 years time.

Finally there is the report on the visit to the NCCPG Clematis Montana by Roy. I visited the collection holders Val & Chris last year and sure it is right that the collection has now full NCCPG recognition. I wonder if Val still collect herbarium specimens? And does other NCCPG Clematis holders collect herbarium specimens?

Awards and Medals are a good subject for a discussion as Sheila states on page 23. It always seems unfair. I do not care about awards anymore (I hope). The reason is that I overheard, very coincedently, a member of a judging committee saying that a person was given an award because this person had to drive such a long way rather then the award was given for the quality for the show or plants. Since then I have had enough of awards.

Dear Sheila, awards seems always unfair. Let us not forget to enjoy the Clematis flowers (when there is no fence of course).


Wim S

Posted By: Jackog
Date Posted: 14 Aug 2008 at 8:01pm
Hello Wim,
It's very good to have a detailed report of my BCS August Newsletter! As many editors may comment, "I wonder if many people really read our work?". Well you have certainly done so, and my sincere thanks are offered to you.
The RHS Flower Show Sept 11 - 13 is actually in London and is not at Wisley. Please give Denise MacDonald a call if you are able to visit, it should be a memorable clematis event.  
The Bicester Clematis Workshop was organised rather rapidly and didn't get much early publicity. If you need more info please contact Mike Brown and you can reproduce my Newsletter info from page 14 if needed.
Thanks again for your comments and feedback.

Posted By: Wim Snoeijer
Date Posted: 15 Aug 2008 at 7:17am
Thanks Jack.
I have put the details of the Bicester Workshop on our website in the events list.
Best wishes,

Wim S

Posted By: Peter Gooch
Date Posted: 15 Aug 2008 at 9:25am
Hi Folks,
I have to say, the moment the new BCS Newsletter fell onto the door mat, I picked it up and read the whole thing before putting it down again!
It does make me feel that there are so many events I am missing and having been to Sweden last summer with the ICLS I know what fun they are.  The reports on the trips and events as well as the shows do give a great idea of what is being done by the BCS and how far our exposure to the public is spread, which is excellent news.
The display stands put up by the show teams looked great and I am sure attracted a great deal of attention, again something which is essential if we are to keep attracting new members. Do they reflect the maturity of the society and the wealth of knowledge and experience of its members? They must do if they keep winning awards.  I do think that these are an essential part of the publicity for the society and should be given a high priority when it comes to materials and expenditure, to ensure the best materials for the members building the displays and the highest impact and value for the viewing public.
I loved the newsletter and told my parents who agreed the standard has been set very high and that it will be the rule by which we measure future BCS publications.
Well done and thank you to all that keep the society on such a sure footing.

Peter Gooch
Thorncroft Clematis Nursery

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