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Posted By: Nicknn
Date Posted: 19 Nov 2007 at 2:39pm
Hi there
Has anyone got any pearls of wisdom gained from doing hardwood cuttings?
I allready have the info from the rhs site, bcs and ics sites - was after your first hand experiances, as i am soon to take on a project on a commercial site.
Many thanks

Blessed Be

Posted By: Ron.G.Carlile
Date Posted: 05 Dec 2007 at 12:10pm
Hi Nick
There seems to be little activity to your request for information on rooting Hard Wood Cutting , the reason I think is because like me the effort was not worth the results.  Whilst I was pulling down the old growth , I thought what a waste of material .and cut up some lengths a , prepared the compost and stuck a few in pots  and the rest in a bed of the same compost .  The ones in the pots three
rooted , in the ground  Five started to root and then before long the buds died
and the things were useless .  The cuttings that rooted were the ones that I had cut just below a bud on a two budded cutting , all the inter nodal did not do any thing .  I tried it again for a couple more years ,but not with a lot of luck .
The plants I used were C.montana .  C.Princes Diana ( these were the best results But not that good ) a couple of my own plants . But as I said not very good results .   I must admit my methods of carrying out these test was not very professional , as I am not commercially involved , I can imaging I have killed more plants than I care to admit .    If you have the proper facilities to cary out experiments you may have more success .    Best of luck in this venture
All The Best                        Ron.C.


Posted By: Nicknn
Date Posted: 05 Dec 2007 at 1:12pm
Hi Ron
Thank you for your reply. The hardwood cutting are being done as a trial - so I will try a few different techniques and see what (if anything!) works.

Blessed Be

Posted By: Nunn00123
Date Posted: 15 Dec 2007 at 10:04am


 I list some of my experiences with hardwood cuttings of clematis, but generally this is a poor method,


 1) Compost, equal parts, Fine Composted Bark (Cambark),

Horticultural Sand, or Silver Sand,

Fine seed grade Perlite.

Many other compost mixes are used for taking cuttings, but as a general rule the more misting that is carried out the more well drained the compost needs to be. The compost mix must be kept moist, but must not be allowed to become dried out or waterlogged.


 Hardwood, always taken as two node cuttings, taken in the late Autumn. This method can be effective on species such as, montana, alpina, machropetala, koreana, fruticosa and heracleifolia. Place cuttings in sand or well drained soil in a cold frame located in a shaded position. Cuttings taken in autumn should have rooted by the late spring or early summer, but I have found that take is generally as low as 5-10%.

Another method is to root hardwood cuttings in the greenhouse using basal heating facilities, this has been used as a back-up method for summer propagation. Cuttings are taken from late December through to mid February, basal heat 18-21 deg. C. Maximum air temperature 15-18 deg. C.

Three ways;

Direct stick into pots.

Stick into bench flats to half depth

Stick into floor level beds.

My experience is that producing clematis from hardwood cuttings is a very poor substitute for the established methods of using softwood cuttings or grafting. I have found that groups one and three respond to some extent to production by hardwood techniques using bottom heat but take is generally low at 10 to 25% compared with 95% for semi-ripe cuttings. Complete failure has occurred when trying to root group 2 material. Herbaceous clematis have not been tried because top growth is likely to be dead anyway.

I would recommend getting hold of the book called; Practical Woody Plant Propagation for Nursery Growers by Bruce Macdonald. ISBN 0 7134 5713 9. It is now out of print, but a good library should be able to produce a copy, or search the second hand bookshops. This being a good grounding into the methods of propagating plants and has been very useful to me.


Posted By: Ron.G.Carlile
Date Posted: 15 Dec 2007 at 10:29pm
Hi Roy,
Don't give much away do you ,but its nice to have awoke some one up on the subject.
All The Best
And a Happy Christmas to all


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